#SlowDownSunday: Mindfulness and Pain


Welcome to the inaugural #SlowDownSunday post! As we wrap up the weekend and move into a new week, I want to use this time to slow down and reflect on what made it onto our radars in the last 7 days.

This week? A podcast:

Managing Pain Through Mindfulness

Rob Schultz, a Perth-based Clinical Psychologist, joined 720ABCPerth's Andrew O'Connor to discuss what mindfulness can do to help people with pain.

I hope Rob doesn't mind if I quote him directly...

There's been a recent meta-analysis that looks at all the recent evidence on meditation for pain...

It's [modestly] effective in reducing pain, anxiety, increasing quality of life, and most importantly functional disability.

...The research is telling us that people are learning how to live their lives again.

You can have pain, but you can still have quality of life.

It's a quick listen (just over 10 minutes) but Rob makes a really important point about taking the time to explore our clients' experience of pain and how and why it impacts their lives before we jump into "solutions" to address it.

Have a listen and let me know what you think.

Do you practice mindfulness, and do you recommend it for your clients? If so - how do you integrate it into your practice?

And one las thing... what was on your radar this week?